Wheel Calculators

We sell BMI wheel calculators here and through our site BMI-wheels.com, we are a premium supplier of BMI  (Body Mass Index)  calculator wheels whether you need just 1 or 1 million we are able to make and supply them for.  We sell pre-printed BMI calculator wheels in small quantities and can print custom calculator wheels to promote your bariatric, dietitian or fitness practice since the wheel calculators are an excellent giveaway to your local physicians offices especially when custom contact information is printed on them.   


Our wheels:

  • are made from heavy duty vinyl and not laminated cardboard that can bend
  • use a real brass grommet (eyelet) for years of use
  • have a guide to overweight/underweight and healthy weight to help the use when determining their Body Mass Index
  • Can be printed with low minimums of 250 pieces and also purchased in ones and twos for physicians offices


BMI Calculator Wheels (www.bmi-wheels.com or www.bmiwheels.com)

Caculate the body mass index (BMI) of patients with our pocket sized BMI wheel calculator. No more guessing or calculations needed, the BMI; measure the height and weight and find the category (Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese) that your patient falls into. High BMIs correlation to excessive weight and give a risk estimation of increased risk for cardiovascular disease (heart disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). BMI can be misleading in athletes that are very muscular (higher BMI) yet not have very much fat. Research has shown that the BMI strongly correlates with the gold-standard method for measuring body fat and is an easy way for clinicians to screen individuals that might be at an increased risk due to their weight.


(www.bmi-wheels.com or www.bmiwheels.com)